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The set of policies mentioned in this document constitute the voluntary agreement (contract of buying and selling) between interested in buying and STORE TOURS, S DE CV, business owner and owner of the trademark and trade name TOURSSTORE.COM. Please be advised that the charge of your membership and services purchase at TOURSSTORE.COM will be registered in your credit card account status as OPEN PAY.

STORE TOURS, S DE RL DE CV AND / OR FERYDA CORPORATIVO, SA DE CV AND / OR GRUPO TOURS STORE is not the operator of the tours that promotes on its website, we only do a promotional, marketing and sales job of them, however, you can be sure that we have chosen responsible and reliable suppliers, who operate their respective tours with a high sense of responsibility and ethics, and that all have their insurance policies with coverage of current liability. For this reason, STORE TOURS, S DE RL DE CV AND / OR FERYDA CORPORATIVO, SA DE CV AND / OR GRUPO TOURS STORE, is neither liable in case of any accident they suffer during transportation and / or development of any tour.

TOURS STORE membership provides interested parties full access to its catalog prices for touristic and cultural tours of different kinds at a national level (Mexico), so that members have the right during the term for one year of membership to enjoy the lower outlet market prices through the work of market research that the company will continuously at all times, consequently TOURS STORE being the best choice in the market.

To TOURS STORE transparency and clarity in the information it provides is vital to ensure that those who decide to acquire a membership, do so with the full conviction that we are the best price option, and that at all times we work to remain in that place.

TOURS STORE membership has an annual term, which is counted from the time you receive confirmation of payment and your TOURS STORE membership number through our portal. The TOURS STORE membership fee is $ 39.00 US. It is important to clarify that once acquired membership there is no possibility of requesting a refund or cancellation under any circumstances.

In the same TOURS STORE membership purchasing procedure you can acquire your first tours by adding those of your liking to the shopping cart and paying at the end in a single operation for your comfort and agility of the purchasing process.

The only data that you require to make use of your membership are User ID and Password, same ones that you will create in your personal profile when you register at the time of purchasing your membership subscription. Additionally, TOURS STORE offers to get to the address you specify (anywhere in the world) your plasticized TOURS STORE membership card, with which you will have access to discounts and / or special prices on products that our site offers such as restaurants, bars, car rental agencies, hotels, tours, etc. The plastic shipping cost to your specified address is paid by the concerned member. The shipping cost is paid when acquiring the membership.

To shop at TOURS STORE, we offer you a seccure and efficient electronic payment getaway named Open Pay, with whitch you will be able to pay without leaving our website and without extre registrations. It is important to emphasize that for any booking of a tour offered in TOURSSTORE.COM, you will never have to pay in cash.

Tours Reservation is governed by the following regulations, please read carefully to avoid misunderstandings for the purposes of cancellation, changes, no shows, etc.:


Reservations policy is used to establish a strict control at the time you book online on the website of TOURSSTORE.COM, in order to verify the availability of space and lock it to ensure appropriate service.

1. Bookings can only be made through the TOURSSTORE.COM website and can be made 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

2. Each booking will have a confirmation number issued by the TOURS STORE system, same that will be sent in your booking coupon via email. The booking coupon shall indicate the date and time of the tour, tour name, name of the owner (user), number of people taking the tour, and the specification that the tour cost has been fully paid by the user when booking online.

3. The services that are related to maritime activities are subject to weather conditions and the instructions given by the Port Captain. The only authorities that can decree closure or suspension of activities are the Port Captain and / or Civil Protection. Without exceptions, if an activity decreed by either of these two Mexican authorities is canceled, and you can not reschedule the tour during the holiday period, the entire cancelled booked tour shall be refunded; such amount will be refunded to the credit card with which you paid the reservation.

4. Service providers are only allowed to charge cash amounts corresponding to spring taxes (when the tour involves the use of boats) and / or marine park (in the case of diving and snorkeling). These amounts are described in the description of each tour posted on our site. These amounts are not billable nor refundable.

5. It is important that you try to carry your BOOKING COUPON upon the announcement of taking the tour in case a clarification is needed. You can submit it either printed or on the screen of a mobile device.

6. In the case of those tours that include Pick Up (pickup in land public transport), it will only be granted in the schedules and set points for each of the operators of the respective tours. In cases where the Pick Up is made in the very hotel where you are staying, it must be submitted 10 minutes before the start time at the lobby of the hotel or at the indicated meeting point. It is not the responsibility of TOURS STORE if the provider changes its pick up policies at last minute, so the client must be aware of any notice to be made in the contact means you have provided in your user profile or in the contact details of booking the tour, therefore TOURS STORE will not grant any kind of reimbursement in case the client loses part or all of the tour for not taking such transportation by lack of attention to the notices that you will have sent opportunely about any changes and / or no-showing at the pick up agreed meeting point.

7. Any tour or transportation service includes tips, drinks and / or food that are not mentioned in the description of each of them.

8. All of these conditions apply additionally and independently of the recommendations and specifications that are in the data sheet of each tour offered in the TOURS STORE catalog.


1. All changes requested with 48 hours in advance to the schedule starting tour will not have any penalty charge. Without exception there will be no change with less than 48 hours in advance.

2. Being a special or promotional price, any changes requested within 48 hours in advance will make the reservation status remain in standby for taking the tour according to the availability of spaces of the provider for every tour, especially in peak holiday seasons. If the change is not possible for availibility reasons, the customer will be informed that the reservation would remain firm as it was at the time of purchase.

3. Changes by weather conditions will give the customer the option to take the tour any other day, depending on the existing availability, or otherwise there will be a full retribution to the card with which the reservation has been paid. Weather conditions to consider are emitted by the Port Captain and / or Civil Protection exclusively and without exception.


1. Users can request to cancel their reservation up to 48 hours in advance without penalty. If the cancellation is made between 48 and 24 hours prior to the event date the penalty is 50% of the tour cost(s) to cancel. There will be no refund for penalties with fewer than 24 hours in advance, without exception.


1. Only those users who are justified with some original medical certificate will have the option that the service will be performed any other day, as long as there is availability (which will be more complicated in peak holiday seasons). In case of not having availability for the date when the user decides to reschedule their tour, the equivalent of 50% of the tour cost refund will apply to the client that was unable to attend. It should be noted that the medical certificate will be corroborated with the examining doctor previously to the implementation of the refund.

2. If the user do not have a medical proof, the client will have lost the reservation and what it was paid for it at 100%, and he / she will need to pay for it again if the tour wants to be taken.


1. 1. For your own safety and without exception, any person with a physical or mental impairments, pregnant women, drunk people, or under the influence of any drug, may not conduct the activities of the tour that had hired unless they do not constitute a risk to their health and physical integrity. Each tour provider reserves the right to deny access to the tour to people under these circumstances, both because of the client security in question and for the comfort of other customers on board.

2. While users will be informed of this on the TOURSSTORE.COM web page, operators of each supplier should emphasize to users on the exclusive use of sunscreen and biodegradable repellent.